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Awesome protection for your face and seals

The FatGuard front mudguard offers incredible protection from the relentless onslaught of mud and spray generated by the huge tyres found on Fat Bikes. The FatGuard also incorporates our unique and proven 'Seal Guard' design feature as found on our EnduroGuard mudguard, this offers unrivalled protection for your fork seals for those running suspension forks.

Colours available

  • FatGuard in black

Fitting the FatGuard

Front mudguard

  1. Remove Remove cable ties and insert them into just the holes on the arms of the guard
  2. Bend and slide the FATGUARD into position from the front
  3. LOOSELY attach the bottom cable ties around the fork leg, then push up and angle the guard so you can see which snap-off holes on the top you need to pop out (NB: There are holes in the centre for those with holes in the top of their fork)
  4. Carefully pop out the holes with a pen or screw driver and slide through the cable ties
  5. You can rotate / twist the bottom arms around the legs to raise/lower the back of the guard (ensure the guard doesn't hit the frame when bottoming the fork)
  6. Tighten all cable ties TIGHT and cut off any excess
  7. It is important to check the guard doesn't strike the frame when turning the bars or when bottoming the fork if you are using a suspension fork Image showing how to fit ties into holes of the front FatGuard


Zip ties must be very tight to prevent movement. MIN CLEARANCE - 10mm from tyre (front) & 15mm from frame on bottoming (rear) USE CLEAR PROTECTIVE TAPE on all areas that the guard contacts the fork to reduce any rub marks or scratches INSPECT BEFORE YOU RIDE: DO NOT USE IF DAMAGED IN ANY WAY AS CONTINUED USE MAY LEAD TO FAILURE OR INJURY DO NOT USE IN STICKY MUD AS IT MAY CAUSE A BLOCKAGE. DO NOT CLEAN WITH NAIL VARNISH REMOVER OR DISC BRAKE CLEANER RapidRacerProducts Ltd accepts no liability for any damage / injury caused due to improper fitting / use of our products RapidRacerProducts Ltd, Parkfields Business Centre, Park Street, Stafford, ST17 4AL, United Kingdom

Our FatGuard is designed, manufactured, and packed in the United Kingdom